H.M. D.A.V. Public School
Ferozepur City - 152002
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Teaching Staff  

List of Teaching Staff  Session 2016-17

Sr. No Name Designation Qulification Status Date of joining Subject Taught Classes Taught Others Responsibilites
1 Mr.Anoop Chauhan Principal Msc, B.Ed Regular 14/05/2019 Science +1, +2 Admin of the school 
2 Mrs. Reema Gulati TGT Science B.Sc, B.Ed Regular 01/04/1994 Science III to VII  
3 Miss Nitika Sharma PGT Physics M.Sc, B.Ed Adhoc 04/04/2015 Physics XI,XII  
4 Mrs. Deepti Dhawan PGT Biology M.Sc, B.Ed Adhoc 16/08/2016 Biology XI,XII  
6 Mrs Shikha Malhotra TGT English M.A . B.Ed Regular 23/04/2013 English VIII  to XII  
7 Miss Nidhi Monga PGT Chemistry M.Sc, B.Ed Adhoc 27/04/2015 Chemistry IX to XII  
8 Mrs Honey Dhawan PGT Commerce M.Com, B.Ed Adhoc 18/04/2013 Commerce XI,XII  
9 Mr. Paramvir Sharma TGT S.Science M.A, B.Ed Regular 15/03/2016 Maths, S.S V to VII Co-ordinator Middle Wing, Time Table Incharge
10 Mrs. Kamlesh TGT Science B.Sc, B.Ed Regular 01/07/1991 Science VI to VIII  
11 Mrs. Anupma TGT Science B.Sc, B.Ed Regular 06/01/1998 Science VIII to X Co-ordinator Activities
12 Mr. Vishal Narula TGT Maths M.Sc, B.Ed Regular 01/02/1999 Maths VIII to X Co-ordinator Sr. Sec. Wing, Controller of Exams
13 Mrs. Seema Pathak TGT Punjabi M.A . B.Ed Adhoc 08/05/2015 Punjabi VII to XII  
14 Mrs Rajni Vij TGT Hindi M.A . B.Ed Regular 01/03/1999 Hindi VIII to X  
15 Mrs Sangeeta Dutta TGT Computer M.C.A Regular 01/07/2005 Computer VII to XII Time Table Incharge
16 Mrs. Mamta Sharma TGT S.Science B.A,B.Ed Regular 01/03/1999 S.S.T VIII To X  
17 Mrs. Monika Batta PRT M.A . B.Ed Regular 01/03/1999 All LKG  
18 Mrs. Sonia Chopra PRT M.A . B.Ed Regular 01/09/1993 All UKG  
19 Mrs. Rajni Sharma PRT B.A,B.Ed Regular 01/03/1999 Hindi III to VII  
20 Mrs. Veena Kumari PRT M.A . B.Ed Regular 02/05/1992 All I  
21 Mrs. Anju Walia PRT M.A . B.Ed Regular 01/12/1995 S.S.T IV to VIII Co-ordinator Activity 
22 Mrs. Seema Monga PRT B.A,B.Ed Regular 03/04/2006 English III to VII  
23 Mrs. Kiran Goyal PRT B.A,Giyani Regular 01/07/1991 Punjabi III to VII  
24 Mrs. Sunita Sharma PRT M.A . B.Ed Regular 01/04/1994 All LKG  
25 Mrs. Gurpreet Saini PRT B.A,B.Ed Regular 06/04/2007 Maths, S.S III, IV Co-ordinator Primary Wing
26 Mrs. Anita Kakkar PRT B.A, B.Ed Regular 01/07/1991 All I  
27 Mrs. Sakshi PRT M.A . B.Ed Adhoc 13/07/2015 All Nursery  
28 Mrs. Jyoti Arora PRT M.A, M.Ed Adhoc 04/02/2014 All II  
29 Mrs. Neeru Narula PRT M.A . B.Ed Adhoc 01/02/2011 All II  
30 Mrs. Bharti Puri PRT B.A,B.Ed Adhoc 02/09/2009 All UKG  
31 Mr. Manjot Singh PTI M. PEd Adhoc 25/07/2016 Physical Education XI, XII  
32 Mrs. Balbir Kaur PTI XII, C.P.Ed Adhoc 25/08/2007 Physical Education I to VII  
33 Amit Wadhawan TGT M.A . B.Ed Adhoc 10/06/2014 S.St VII to X  
34 Navina Kumari PRT M.A . B.Ed Adhoc 10/06/2014 Primary Pre Nur  
35 Mr. Sanjeev Khurana PGT B.Tech Adhoc 08/05/2015 Maths XI, XII  
36 Mrs. Neeti PRT M.A. B.Ed Adhoc 04/05/2016 S.S. III to X  
37 Mrs. Rajni Kakkar PRT M.A. B.Ed Adhoc 04/05/2016 Science III to VI  
38 Mrs. Ritu Bala PRT M.A. B.Ed Adhoc 04/05/2016 Punjabi III to IX  
39 Mrs. Jyoti Handa PRT M.A. B.Ed Adhoc 04/05/2016 English II to IX  
40 Mrs. Nitika Malhotra PGT M.Com, B.Ed Adhoc 04/05/2016 Economics XI, XII  
41 Mrs. Sapna Arora PRT M.A., B.Ed Regular 18/04/2016 English III to IX  
42 Ms. Rajni Bagri TGT M.A., B.Ed Adhoc 18/04/2016 Maths VIII to X  
43 Mrs. Neetu Sharma PRT B.A., B.Ed Adhoc 27/07/2016 G.K. I to VII  
Non Teaching Staff
44 Nishi Handa Librarian B.A, B.Ed, Dip in Lib Sci Regular 3/5/1999      
List of Administrative Staff
1 Mrs Nirmal Rani  Clerk Prep Adhoc        
2 Mr. Anuj Sharma UDC B.A, Diploma in Markting Regular 1/1/2012      
3 Mr. Devi Ditta Handa Accountant Matric Adhoc        
4 Mr. Ajay Kumar Receip. B.Com Adhoc 05/09/2016      
List of Administrative Staff
S.NO Name Designation Qulification Experienece        
1 Mrs. Niramal Rani UDC Prep 25 years        
2 Mr. Anuj Sharma UDC B.A, Diploma in Markting 7 years        
3 Mr. Devi Ditta Handa Accountant Mataric 53 years